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  • TLTP 011A – Election Special 2017

    Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project Election Special! Guest Tuesday Simon takes the reins in this recording, while Alex, Hayley, and Shaun, take a deep-dive into the manifestos of six biggest political […]

  • TLTP 011 – Mum’s Gone To Iceland

    Góður dagur og velkominn! It’s episode 11 of The Last Tuesday Project, thank Týr! this month we’ve abandoned the comparatively warm climes of the UK and have shifted our gaze northwards. Alex asked […]

  • TLTP 010a – Mental Health Awareness Week

    Welcome to TWOsday! Yes, it’s the second Tuesday of the month, so here’s this month’s TLTP extra episode. Episode 10 was on the subject of whether mindfulness meditation works as a treatment for […]

  • TLTP 010 – Mind Your Head

    Relax, breathe, be present, and accept the thoughts which enter your mind… while listening to this month’s episode of The Last Tuesday Project. Our Guest Tuesday this month is Simon, a […]

  • TLTP 009a – The Vinyl Solution

    Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project‘s first companion episode! This episode is directly link to March 2017’s Episode 9 – The Vinyl Countdown. It includes sections not in the original episode, […]

  • TLTP 009 – The Vinyl Countdown

    Welcome to the new, gripping, thrilling, exciting episode of The Last Tuesday Project. And, vinylly, we can reveal our next topic. But first, we’re happy to welcome our first Guest Tuesday! […]

  • TLTP 008 – Humdinger

    Welcome to Episode 8 of The Last Tuesday Project, a subtle blend of irreverence and inanity, masquerading as some sort of podcast. Alex takes on the mantle of Dimbleby this month, […]

  • TLTP 007 – Thanks For The Mammaries

    Welcome to Episode 7 of The Last Tuesday Project, where we can clearly see that 2017 has neatly picked up from where 2016 left off. Shaun is our Dimbleby this month. […]

  • TLTP 006 – None The Wiser

    Welcome to Episode 6 of The Last Tuesday Project, where we celebrate Christmas the only way we know how – to “intellectually” dissect it. This month Hayley takes the Dimbleby role, […]

  • TLTP 005 – Trump Means Trump

    Welcome to Episode 5 of The Last Tuesday Project, where a group of Brits show up their countryfolk and prove how clueless they actually are. And this episode is no exception. […]