• TLTP 020 – Magnetic Destruction

    You know they say that opposites attract? That’s pure science, man! Welcome to The Last Tuesday Project.   The “Puppy Lake” audio clip on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CIIc3pY51w Sometimes you don’t realise how jammy […]

  • TLTP 019a – Dog Baby Teeth

    Welcome to this month’s TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project. As usual, us Tuesdays have been chatting about all sorts of miscellaneous crap, and you get to hear it in […]

  • TLTP 019 – Not Doctored

    Ooh, matron! It’s The Last Tuesday Project!   This month is a listener’s questions special! We offer thanks to Daniel Pott for his two splendid questions. We ended up vetoing […]

  • TLTP 018a – Lincoln Christmas Market

    It’s a brand new year, and we’re sending you a post-festive-season gift. It’s this month’s TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time we’re giving you a selection of outtakes […]

  • TLTP 018 – I See What You’re Saying

    Merry Tuesday, you filthy animals! Welcome to episode 18 of The Last Tuesday Project! It’s Boxing Day in the UK, which is kind of like a second Christmas, so consider this […]

  • TLTP 017a – The Front Fell Off

    It’s TWOsday! It’s almost Christmas! HAVE AN EXTRA EPISODE!   In this extra episode, we talk to the Old News boys about all sorts of random things. We also talk […]

  • TLTP 017 – Last Tuesday’s News

    Help! We’ve been infiltrated by another podcast! This month at The Last Tuesday Project we have the pleasure of being joined by our friends over at the Old News podcast. Russell and […]

  • TLTP 016a – Tribute To The Monster Mash

    BOO! Scary, right? Well, prepared to be even more terrified… it’s this month’s TWOsday episode! This episode contains the irreverent chit-chat you usually find from us, with added Tammy. Enjoy! […]

  • TLTP 016 – Spoopy Tuesday

    Prepare yourself for a podcast filled with fright, for ’tis the Hallowe’en special of The Last Tuesday Project!   As this episode is out on Hallowe’en, we felt it appropriate to […]

  • TLTP 015a – 240 Characters

    Welcome to another TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time we go back to what we’re good at – very off-topic descents into the jammiest of rabbit holes. We […]