TLTP 025a – Old School

Take a break from studying, people! It’s this month’s TWOsday Extra episode of The Last Tuesday Project! Alex, Hayley, Jane and Shaun are reminiscing about their days at school. We talk about Jane’s school quirks, Hayley’s school’s French nationalism, Alex’s school’s Australian nationalism, and the fact that Shaun played golf as part of PE. But he […]

TLTP 025 – Stay Classy

Break time’s over, kids. It’s time to get back to class and get yourself some learning from The Last Tuesday Project! This month we are looking at education, with Alex asking a question about class sizes? Hayley and Guest Tuesday Jane diligently research the topic in preparation for the test at the end of the lesson. […]

TLTP 024a – Hare Update

TWOsday is upon us! Welcome to another Extra episode of The Last Tuesday Project. This is an outtakes episode, made up of the flakey offcuts of episodes 23a and 24. It contains practically practically nothing useful, but it does contain much inappropriate humour (with some bits bleeped out for the sake of our own livelihoods). Shaun […]

TLTP 024 – Caesar’s Mental Muscle

Bad luck comes in threes, they say. So let’s get it all out of the way quickly with a triple-quick-fire episode of The Last Tuesday Project.   We’re almost two years in, so we thought we’d change things up a bit for an episode. Instead of one question and taking an hour to answer, Hayley suggested […]

TLTP 023a – Critical Britpop

The common people have assembled once more for another TWOsday Extra episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This month we talk about stuff from the 90s, evidence-based sales the Five Stages Of Skepticism.   Do you like what we do and want to show your support? Well, you can now give us a helping hand via […]

TLTP 023 – Bluebeard And The Jolly Rogers

Avast, me hearties! It’s time to walk a musical plank as we plunge into the sea of The Last Tuesday Project! This month we went to our postbag and grabbed a couple of listener questions. We ended up plumping for a question from Simon (@flatsquid) about piracy and the music business. We go back to the […]

TLTP 022a – Mental Heath Awareness Week 2018

Hope you’ve been treating yourself well, because it’s time for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week episode, another delightful TWOsday brought to you by The Last Tuesday Project. This time around it’s just Alex and Shaun. The aim was to talk about male mental health, but we ended up talking about all sorts of other things, […]

TLTP 022 – Socially Awkward

Send your Likes this way… it’s time for The Last Tuesday Project!   It’s time for our annual mental health episode! Shaun is this month’s Dimbleby, but Alex and Hayley veto his first question on Johann Hari. This leaves everyone with the question of how social media affects our mental health. We find some interesting (and […]

TLTP 021a – Grammatica Placere Corrigere

Welcome to this month’s TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project.   For this episode, Hayley had the excellent idea that we should talk about our favourite Romans. We did this… but it took us a little while to get there. IKEA meatballs, defunct British brands, kennel cough, and remote Norfolk villages were all subjects we […]

TLTP 021 – Propositum Ad Ultima Martis

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Welcome to the Last Tuesday Project!   In this episode, Alex asks an unusual question… Do all roads really lead to Rome? Hayley and Shaun puzzle over this, covering the manipulation of data, whether roads actually lead away from Rome, and how many dinari it would cost to get from Lindum Colonia to Roma. […]