TLTP 001 – Fungus In Salem

TLTP 001 – Fungus In Salem

Welcome to the first episode of The Last Tuesday Project! Each month one of us will come up with a topic which the others will spend an hour researching. Then we’ll get back together and talk about that subject. Will we come to any conclusions? Who knows! But that doesn’t matter – it’s the process that counts.

Trust me, it’s funnier than it sounds. 🙂

This month, Alex, Hannah, Hayley and Shaun are going to be talking about the Salem Witch Trials. What evidence was there for claims that is was the result of ergot poisoning? What other options can we come up with? Plus, other random thoughts about cholera epidemics and “relieving hysteria.”

With huge thanks to @strength4life for the use of his music.

Check out this episode!

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