TLTP 033 – A Short Story

The height of sophisticaion has returned. Trust us, we won’t give you short shrift. Welcome to a sizeable chunk of The Last Tuesday Project!

Tall tales about short stature are addressed this month, as Hayley takes the reins. Alex and Jane veto a question about genetic sexual attraction and end up with the question of The Napoleon Complex. Is it a thing? Does it only affect men? And how many puns about height can we fit into one episode? You’ll find out shortly…


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Hayley’s “sexy music” is Beer Belly Blues by John Deley, taken from YouTube’s Audio Library.

This month’s icon uses an image taken from Page 245 ‘Histoire du Consulat et de l’Empire, faisant suite à l’Histoire de la Révolution Française’, found on The British Library Photo Archive on Flickr.

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With huge thanks, as usual, to Strong4Life for the use of his music.

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