TLTP 027 – Fractious Energy

Do you feel that rumbling? Is that the energy within our earth stirring? Nah, it’s just this month’s episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This month Hayley asks us whether we should give a frack about fracking. Alex and Jane take a look at the evidence and come across some questionable websites in the process. What […]

TLTP 026A – Twenge And Scarbella

You want witty banter? You want swearing? You want adults finding the name “Twenge” funny? You want Scarbella?! You lucky so-and-so – you’ve got this month’s TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project! This time around we have outtakes from Episode 26 and the upcoming unreleased Episode 27. Jane, Alex, Hayley and Shaun have a laugh at […]