TLTP 026 – The Music Or The Misery

Shoe-gazers, rejoice! Fans of 80s big-hair rock ballads, take heed! And emo kids, keep… emo-ing… It’s time to take another musical deep-dive with The Last Tuesday Project! This time Shaun and Alex veto Jane’s first question (for a special reason) and end up taking on a subject very dear to every Tuesday’s heart – The Music […]

TLTP 025a – Old School

Take a break from studying, people! It’s this month’s TWOsday Extra episode of The Last Tuesday Project! Alex, Hayley, Jane and Shaun are reminiscing about their days at school. We talk about Jane’s school quirks, Hayley’s school’s French nationalism, Alex’s school’s Australian nationalism, and the fact that Shaun played golf as part of PE. But he […]