TLTP 021a – Grammatica Placere Corrigere

Welcome to this month’s TWOsday episode of The Last Tuesday Project.


For this episode, Hayley had the excellent idea that we should talk about our favourite Romans. We did this… but it took us a little while to get there. IKEA meatballs, defunct British brands, kennel cough, and remote Norfolk villages were all subjects we nattered on about until we got to the main feature. Afterwards we discussed password security and Episode 3 of the What Doctors Don’t Tell You podcast (we listen so you don’t have to).

TRIGGER WARNING: At around 52 minutes, during the WDDTY section, we talk about antidepressants and suicide. If you don’t feel comfortable with these subjects, please feel free to skip the end of this episode.


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This month’s icon uses a photo from The British Library Image Archive on Flickr.


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