TLTP 011 – Mum’s Gone To Iceland

Góður dagur og velkominn! It’s episode 11 of The Last Tuesday Project, thank Týr! this month we’ve abandoned the comparatively warm climes of the UK and have shifted our gaze northwards.

Alex asked Hayley, Shaun, and Guest Tuesday Tammy, why Icelandic has hardly changed since the Sagas were written in the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries. With many references to the little known website Whykyperdeea, we talk etymology, migration and invasion. We also discuss whether there are other languages which have followed a similar path, and what’s so vulgar about Romansh.

Plus, as this is a British podcast, there are a number of references to a certain frozen food supermarket chain


Our next TWOsday episode will be a UK General Election Special! No clues (mainly because, at the time of writing, we hadn’t recorded it yet), but it will be released on Tuesday 6th June, two days before us Brits decide our own fate. Because that always goes well, right?

Also, have you heard our last TWOsday episode? It was Mental Health Awareness Week, so 5 of us spent some time talking about our own experiences with depression and anxiety. It’s a long listen, but it’s honest, frank, and surprisingly funny. Listen to Episode 10a to find out more.


This month’s icon uses a drawing of Hörður Grímkelsson from Wikimedia Commons.

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With huge thanks, as usual, to Strong4Life for the use of his music.
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