TLTP 002 – Trust Me… I’m An Expert

TLTP 002 – Trust Me… I’m An Expert

Welcome to the second episode of The Last Tuesday Project. Each month, this gaggle of rag-tag ruffians meet up to discuss one topic. Only one of us knows what that topic will be, and we get just one hour to research it. The outcome is a podcast full of laughs, stories, facts and tips on how to dig deeper.

This month, Alex, Hayley, Hannah, Shaun, and new recruit David discuss what it means to be an expert. We mull over 10,000 hours (the concept – the episode isn’t that long), which sources to trust, the difference between being an expert and having expertise, plus some thoughts on chess.

Plus, this episode features our first topic veto. A decision which we later come to regret…

With huge thanks to Strong4Life for the use of his music.

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