TLTP 002 – Trust Me… I’m An Expert

TLTP 002 – Trust Me… I’m An Expert Welcome to the second episode of The Last Tuesday Project. Each month, this gaggle of rag-tag ruffians meet up to discuss one topic. Only one of us knows what that topic will be, and we get just one hour to research it. The outcome is a podcast full of laughs, […]

TLTP 001 “Fungus In Salem” Clarifications & Corrections

By now you’ve probably listened to the very first episode of our shiny new podcast. If you haven’t, then head over here right now, partly because we think it’s really quite good, and partly because nothing else here is going to make much sense otherwise. All sorted? Excellent. The very nature of The Last Tuesday […]

Pride and podcasting

It’s a scary feeling, sending something you have created off into the internet ether. But, like waving good-bye to a precocious fairytale child, we sent our first episode out into the world to seek its fortune a few weeks ago.   What’s happened since has been beyond what any of us expected.   When we […]